Inspiration Behind Tiny Advocates

Inspiration Behind Tiny Advocates

Do you have childhood memories that continue to inspire you every day?

We would love to share inspiration behind Tiny Advocates. In this blog post, Liliya, founder of Tiny Advocates, shares more about her inspiration behind the brand she is creating.

Looking back at what inspired me to create Tiny Advocates, I would say it came from my daughter, my mom, and my carefree childhood in my grandmother’s Ukrainian village. These important people and memories in my life taught me to care, to be grateful, and to appreciate small moments. 

People say kids change you and your perspective on life. After having my daughter, I started to notice changes in my priorities. Slowing down and appreciating quality became very important to me. Quality food, rest, time spend with family, and what goes on our skin and the skin of our tiny humans. I am learning to make more conscious choices and be more mindful of the impact I make on our planet. 

This inspired me to learn more about how clothes are made. By sharing stories and having meaningful conversations, I want to teach my daughter where her precious outfits come from, understand the journey, and impact on the environment. My hope is that Tiny Advocates will inspire kids and their families around the world to be more curious about the journey of their clothes. And they become the change makers the world needs.

My values have been shaped by how I was raised by my mom. Her love and determination to give our family the best life she can is so inspiring. She taught me to be grateful and take care of what I have! Growing up in Ukraine we didn’t have shelves in stores full of toys nor clothes, she really had to try hard to find us quality made clothes. Quality was very important to her as she wanted our outfits to last and hopefully pass them on to others.  Today we have access to so much more. Clothes are easier to buy and replace. There is less value placed on holding on to things longer.  However, I want this to be one of the important values at Tiny Advocates. Let’s learn to care for what we have. Regardless if we have a lot or little, appreciating what we have will make it more valuable.  I believe through storytelling we can show our kids the journey of their clothes and how to care for it. 

Time spent in my grandmother’s village was a time when I felt completely carefree. I spent my days climbing trees and picking strawberries first thing in the morning. This is the time I truly explored nature. It’s the time when I learned how to plant seeds and see how something grows out of them. What a magical thing to observe!  It’s the time that I will forever remember and cherish. I want my daughter to experience this throughout her childhood. I want her to explore, learn and simply enjoy every moment. My hope is that every child gets to experience this carefree childhood while learning and exploring the world around them.  

Our life teaches us so many valuable lessons, and for me those lessons came from my childhood and becoming a mom. I want to do better and never stop playing and learning.


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