About Us

Tiny Advocates is a children's clothing brand born from a desire to empower future generations.

Founded by Liliya, a mom who believes in inspiring kids to know the journey of their clothing, we are an ethically made and sustainable children's clothing brand. We launched successfully via crowdfunding campaign on I Fund Women. Our mission is to create comfortable, colourful, and meaningful outfits for your little ones. Our pieces are made from natural materials like organic cotton with ethical production processes from start to finish.

We want our children to explore and participate in the making of their own wardrobe stories by understanding and appreciating the amazing people who make their garments. 

At Tiny Advocates, we strive to ensure that each piece of clothing is crafted with love and care. We believe in the power of exploration and encourage kids to be inspired by what they wear.

We hope you enjoy and join us in our mission to inspire our kids to explore the journey of their outfits.