This blog post is about slow fashion and a few tips on how to introduce slow fashion to our kids. Fun and easy things parents can do with kids to teach them to care for their clothes.

Slow Fashion & How to Engage Our Kids

We often hear the term slow fashion and I want to deep dive into what it means to create slow fashion lifestyle and how fun it can be to introduce it to our kids.

Slow fashion is all about holding on to pieces of clothes we already have and taking care of them, so they last longer. Slow fashion is also about slowing down the production process, by selecting more sustainable materials, creating better quality garments that are sewn carefully, with better finishes so they don’t get torn after the first wash.

Where do we begin?

The reality is just like with any other lifestyle change, it can be easier said than done. How do we say no to the latest and the greatest item of the week when we see it in fashion magazines, social media, and see our friends wearing it.

Perhaps committing to taking smaller steps is an idea we can explore. As we are taking steps towards introducing slow fashion into our lives, we can use this opportunity to engage our kids. We can turn some of those chores into fun activities that will encourage us to talk to kids about their cute little wardrobe. Share with them the journey of their clothes and talk about how it affects our world.

So, how can we have fun introducing slow fashion lifestyle for ourselves and our little ones?

Idea # 1: Playing dress up. We all know how much our little ones love to play dress up. As they are trying on their cute outfits, why not to engage them in conversation about how these outfits come to life and end up in their closets. Let them use their imagination to think and guess what their clothes could be made of. Is it a flower like cotton or a plant like flax or hemp? Show them a picture of what cotton or flax looks like. The point is to engage and excite kids as they play dress up and spark their imagination about the journey of their clothes.

Play dress up in your own closet and you will quickly find pieces that perhaps you don’t even remember you had purchased them. Reintroduce them to your everyday wardrobe and avoid buying a new piece that you might already have.

Idea #2: Get a little sewing kit or natural dye to repair items that can stay in yours or your kids’ closet longer. There are always a few pieces in our closet that are tucked away and we think one day we will repair them. Or perhaps you put those pieces into a donation pile because they have too many stains, you have no energy, time, or interest in fixing them. Pull out a little sewing kit and show your kids how things can be repaired with a few simple steps. I always loved watching my grandmother fix my socks. I was fascinated to see how the needle and a thread work together. You can also mask some unpleasant stains in a fun activity with natural dyes. Save up some avocado / onion skin and use it as a natural dye to show your little one(s)  how their clothes can be transformed with a few simple steps.

Useful resources for natural dyes

Dyeing with avocado skin

Natural dye with coffee

Idea #3: Select 3-5 brands that you enjoy shopping at and get to know them well. Try to stick to buy from these brands. This is something I implemented not too long ago. I heard this idea from a famous chef. He described that he has 3-5 go to restaurants that he enjoys eating at. He really likes to get to know the people who make and serve the food instead of constantly searching for new places. You can support businesses that are focused on producing better quality garments in smaller quantities that you can keep in your closet for longer and pass along perhaps even to your children.

A few things to pay attention to when filtering the brands you want to support. Get to know what they do to be sustainable. Do they work with production partners that pay their workers fair wages, have good working conditions and don’t work around a clock. Pay attention to what fabrics they use – organic cotton, hemp, linen are all among sustainable options. Perhaps they donate their time to beach or park clean ups. Look beyond the surface of what they say or promise. Even connect with them directly to get a better sense.

Enjoy introducing slow fashion lifestyle for yourself and your little ones. This lifestyle change can be a lot of fun if you approach it with open heart and excitement.

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