Our Sizing

Tiny Advocates Sizes 

Little Sprouts (12-24 months) - For our tiniest explorers just starting to grow and discover the world around them. These pieces are perfect for little ones who are sprouting into life with curiosity and giggles.

Tiny Trailblazers (2-3 years) - Perfect for adventurous toddlers who love to lead the way. These outfits are designed for tiny trailblazers eager to explore new paths and make their mark on the world. 

Busy Bees (3-4 years) - For energetic kids always bussing around. These outfits are ideal for busy bees who love to play, learn, and keep moving from one adventure to the next. 

Puddle Jumpers (4-5 years) - Made for kids who are ready for any weather, be it rain, snow, or sun. Perfect for all weather adventurers who love exploring no matter what the skies bring.

Dream Chasers (6-7 years) - For the young dreamers who are always thinking up new worlds and wild stories. These garments are made for dream chasers who get outside and let their creativity soar.